Would you like to develop and sell your own physical products?
Do you have a brilliant idea, but no idea how to make it a reality?
Or are you selling online already, but wish you could sell more?

I can help with all aspects of developing, sourcing, manufacturing, validating, pricing and selling your products.

Four years ago I started to sell my own brand of bamboo baby products on Amazon and via my Shopify store.  Starting my own ecommerce business literally changed my life. I work from home, around my family, yet still bring in an income.  (In fact, for the first 18 months I had no childcare at all.)


When I was just starting out, there were times when I looked at getting expert help - whether from joining a course or paying a freelancer and I always found it to be way out of my budget. Or  the courses were run by people running million-dollar businesses - which felt so far away from where I was back then (and still does now, if I'm honest).


Instead, I spent hours doing research online and went down plenty of Google rabbit holes!  I made plenty of mistakes and learnt from as I went. (Check out my early blog posts for proof of this!)


You can avoid all of that!


My goal has always been to help others to create and sell their own products. 


You probably don’t have loads of time to spare and I’d love to help you get selling as quickly and simply as possible.  I offer done-for-you services (at whatever stage you’re at), consultancy or, if you’d like to learn how to launch a product yourself with my full support, my online course might be the best fit.  


I’ve helped dozens of others create, source, launch and sell their own products.  

I'd love to help you get your ideas into the world - and sell them!

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A little more about me

  • I celebrated my 30th birthday by cycling through Southern India.

  • I’m currently trialling washing my hair without shampoo!

  • Taking an idea and turning it into something physical is one of the most exciting things I can imagine!  Whether it’s making something from Lego with my kids, or designing a product to sell, I just love the process of creating .


Vicki played a pivotal role in bringing my product idea of a deck of self care cards into the real world.
The help provided by Vicki was excellent. Vicki has a real knack for understanding just where you are in the process and what you need to tackle next to move on.

Silke T.

 Vicki was very efficient and completed excellent work. I would definitely recommend Vicki to anyone looking for honest, reliable and quality work. Thank you Vicki for the brilliant work. Look forward to working again in the future.

Kevin H.

Thoroughly recommend Vicki, cannot speak highly enough of the advice, professionalism or quality of work undertaken.

James M.